QEEE Program in Poornima

Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education

Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE) program enhances the quality of Indian engineering education and bridge the quantity-quality gap. This pilot project is designed to improve the quality of education delivered to students by making available high quality pedagogical resources to all students through technology – Direct to Student Program and empowering teachers/educators.

Live Lectures: QEEE Programme

In this program, a part of (about 1/3rd to begin with) of the selected courses lectures would be delivered live from the IIT classroom to all participating colleges using the tool via communications hardware being set up. The schedule of lectures will be predetermined and made available in advance to all participating colleges. At the scheduled time, the lecture will be brought live to the classroom, with the local lecturer playing the role of moderator. The session will mimic a live session as much as possible, with opportunities for sharing and interaction between students and instructor.

Tutorials: QEEE Programme

They are an important supplemental e-learning program built on the idea of peer learning through pre planned informal study circles. The educational platform enables previously delivered as well as new academic content to be viewed and reviewed by students amongst their peer group with or without the virtual presence of the instructor.

Live Labs: QEEE Programme

This module looks to provide virtual hands-on experience to students on experiments undertaken remotely. It creates an opportunity to work on a real lab experiment tailored to suit their syllabus and curriculum. It provides students and teachers alike, a chance to access quality resources and materials.

MOOC (Massive Online Open Courseware): QEEE Programme

Open courseware essentially constitutes a licensed mechanism of delivering courses online directly to the student and not necessarily through the institutional set-up. It enables customized anytime anywhere learning through the internet.

Bridge Courses: QEEE Programme

These are “Off curriculum” courses aimed at providing additional skills. Courses could be primarily “static content” based with some live intervention. It may be implemented as a classroom training program with live intervention by remote tutor. These courses can be done by students at their own time / pace and there may be proctored exams. Bridge courses make students industry ready and improve employability. Courses for the pilot planned in this manner include:

  • English for Employability (British Council)
  • Spoken Tutorials (IITB): SciLab, GIMP, OSCAD,OpenFOAM, Latex, PHP MySQL, Python

Presentation on QEEE IIT Madras
QEEE Progress Report on 08-04-2015


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