It’s that time of the year again, and campus placements have commenced in full swing. One can see college campuses flooded with a pool of talent, trying their best to secure a seat in their favourite companies. And while these young professionals are all set to take their best foot forward and put their years of hard work into practice, is the enthusiasm from the other side, same? Are recruiters doing enough to reach out to students?

Hiring talent has become extremely challenging. Therefore, campus recruitment function has been eviscerated, revamped, and renewed to make it more effective. Instead of the tedious candidate searches and repetitive screening, the emphasis is being put on a more gratifying part of the job, i.e., the strategic part. Therefore, one can witness specific trends that are forming the recruitment process lately to maximize campus recruitment process:

1. Recruiting Interns

One of the top ways of hiring talent is by hiring interns. As per a source, 51.2% of openings are filled through internal hiring. Employers prefer hiring professionals who have worked with them as interns. This is because interns are well versed in workings of a company, and even the company is aware of their talent, capabilities, and work ethics.

Therefore, engineering students in their 2nd and 3rd year must apply for summer and winter internships. By interning at their preferred company, they can increase their chances of being placed as permanent recruits later.

2. Use of Social Media

A study revealed that 94% of job seekers used smartphones to browse or search for jobs online. When talking about Millennials and Gen Xers, technology-based communication is the best way to reach them. Recruiting companies have started utilizing social networks like LinkedIn, to connect with talented college students.

One can’t deny the role of social media in the recruitment process, right from finding the best talent to influencing the decision of recruiters, social media is omnipresent in this generation

3. Diversity

Diversity has become the new global mindset, significantly impacting the recruitment process as well. Around 81% of leaders say that diversity affects the hiring process, majorly. Inclusive work culture is directly proportional to financial performance. It has been quite evident that diverse teams are more productive, innovative, disciplined, and reliable when it comes to the execution of a task.

Out of the many benefits, one of the significant benefits of this trend is that it gives an equal platform to both males and female employees to express themselves, showcase their talent and make an impact with their work.

4. Flexible Workforce

There has been a seismic shift in the recruitment process lately, with companies embracing flexible working scenario. A study revealed that encouraging flexible working gave companies the benefit of choosing from a broader talent pool and retain talented employees, easily.

Companies nowadays enjoy a varied workforce of full-timers, freelancers, contractors, etc. Professionals working in such companies are often happier than those working in a traditional setup. So, place, time, and geography is not a restriction anymore; if you are talented and possess the ability, you will find a place that recognizes your talent and accepts you with your restraints.

5. Emphasis on Soft Skills

There has been an increased focus on hiring people with excellent soft skills. While the technical competence of an employee still holds ground, the demand for good soft skills has increased lately. Not just soft skills, but recruiters are looking for candidates with complex problem-solving capabilities, critical thinking, flexibility, etc.

In this highly competitive world, soft skills are what differentiates a good candidate from a great one. Therefore, as a professional, you must work on your soft skills as much as possible.

Human resource has become one of the most powerful and influential assets of any business. It is continually developing, improving, and changing with Millennials setting their trend. And while the Millennials are incredibly talented and smart, they work in their fashion. That is why it is crucial to infuse new trends in the recruiting process to capitalize on talent.

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