Hackathons are now part and parcel of college calendar not just in India but across the globe. Such has been the meteoric rise in the popularity of Hackathons that students now go the extra mile to prepare well in advance for the grueling event. Popularly known as code fests, these events are curated to bring the coding community together. The prime motive of any hackathon is to connect, collaborate, and solve specific problems based on a pre-decided theme or technology framework.

Hackathon Quick Facts
  • Hackathons have different themes and timelines every time, making them all the more exciting and crowd-pulling.
  • While some hackathons may primarily focus on building an application, others may typically focus on use cases of a particular programming language, API, design framework/architecture, etc.
  • Hackathons are not restricted to college and university campuses alone. Governments around the world organize hackathons to make the administration process and workflows more transparent, fair, and accessible.
5 Key Takeaways From Hackathons

In today’s world, where computing devices have become imperative, hackathons are an essential event for students from not just engineering disciplines but management disciplines as well. Let’s know why:

1. Connections

A hackathon is a great head start for first-year students. Students get an opportunity to meet, collaborate, and work with some of the best coders, designers, system architects as well as venture capitalists. During the event, students get an opportunity to build important connections that can come very handy during their future endeavors as an entrepreneur. By the time the hackathon is completed, students will gain an experience worthy of a lifetime.

image 2. Learn New Technologies

Students get an opportunity to learn about trending technologies and their immediate impact on the industry landscape. Working in a team to make presentations as well as pitch new ideas and solutions can be a great learning point. In the process, students also pick up important collaborative and communication skills that recruiters look for during placements.

3. Improve Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills

Hackathons offer an excellent coding environment which can last more than a few weeks. Teams work around the clock to find the best optimal solution to a problem. Working in such an intense environment boosts the reasoning and problem-solving skills of participants. Above all, students get hands-on experience in setting the right approach and attitude for teamwork.

Image 4. Igniting the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Any great innovation or product is the outcome of an unflinching entrepreneurial spirit. Hackathons are a great platform to build the leaders of tomorrow. Students get an opportunity to rub shoulders with industry leaders, expert coders, venture capitalists, and many other stalwarts of the tech industry. They can pitch new ideas, create networks as well as attract funding for their start-ups.

5. Builds your CV

Hackathons are ideal events to boost employability. With hackathons, students can not only improve their coding and soft skills but also stand out from others during placements. They can include their hackathon experience in their CV for greater visibility among recruiters and boosts their employability chances by a significant factor.

Events like hackathon provide a golden opportunity to learn, improve, and grow. However, it is important to realize that these events are not restricted to expert coders alone. Most hackathons are open to amateur and beginner level coders as well. Hackathons or code fests at one of the top Jaipur engineering colleges, i.e. Poornima College of Engineering are open to one and all coders. As an important part of the college’s curriculum, these events provide a competitive advantage to the students. Be a part of a curriculum that engages, inspires and challenges. Be a part of Poornima!
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