Trends are shifting in the campus placement domain, the framework that used to drive campus placement earlier is becoming obsolete with new dimensions adding to the bandwagon. A study revealed that talent sourcing has become more streamlined, focused, and professional with recruiters emphasizing on quality rather than quantity.

As the campus placement season is arriving, we can witness the environment engulfing in nervousness. As an aspiring applicant, we are sure your resume is crafted thoughtfully. But some other factors drive the placement process. Professional success, along with industry experience, has become crucial parameters now. While the employers question you on your qualifications, they assess you on your agility. Whether you are fit for the company culture or not, how fine are your soft skills? Etc.

As your first ever interview, you might feel a little puzzled and clueless but fret not! We have got you covered. Here, we enlist different parameters that drive the placement procedure. Brushing up on these qualities traits would be a good idea before you sit in front of the interviewer:

1. Discipline

Professionalism breeds success and is the most important quality a person can possess. Organizations look for employees who are honest about themselves and their work. As a professional working in the recruiter’s company, they would want you to be disciplined in your approach for the smooth functioning of the organization. If a professional has a habit of procrastinating, it will affect the organization’s goals. Let the interviewer know how serious and excited you are for the job.

2. Technical Competency

The most essential quality an interviewer assesses in the interviewee is his/her technical competency. As a potential candidate looking for a job, you should be aware of the technicalities involved in and around your job profile. It is always advisable to carry with yourself important certificates of the courses attended by you to add a star to your resume.

3. Communication Skills

There’s no denying that while effective communication is absolutely essential, it is incredibly lacking. It’s the basis of a successful life, both professionally and personally, yet people forget its importance. Effective communication forms the backbone of an efficient organization; therefore, interviewers look for candidates skilled in this expertise. During the interview, stay confident and answer smartly, politely, and calmly. In an interview, a conversation should be equal from both sides, with each side participating openly.

4. Team Player

‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success.’ Rightly said by Henry Ford. As a part of any organization, whether small or large scale, you will be required to work with a team. Therefore, interviewers assess whether you would be able to work with a group, maintaining coordination between departments for the overall efficiency of the organization. So, showcase your willingness to work as a team player.

5. Strategist

As a skilled professional, you should possess the ability to give innovative solutions. For businesses to improve their process and grow beyond their vision, the successful implementation of new ideas is important. You should know the intricacy revolving around your craft, general industry updates, industry trends, etc., to thrive in your workplace.

6. Leadership

While being a team player, you should also yearn to be a leader. Leadership qualities are something that will get you noticed in a pool of employees in the organization. Recruiters, during the interview, look for employees who hone the potential to become future leaders. A good leader is the one who not only efficiently manages his team but also motivates them to bring out their best, every day. Interviewers must work in this area to impress their recruiters.

Expand your knowledge outside the academics and build your personality. Work on the skills mentioned above and let your interviewer know that you possess the ability to work in his organization. Don’t fabricate the information to impress the panel. Know your craft well, be genuine, and put up a brave front to leave a lasting impression on them. Ranked as the top engineering college in Jaipur, the primary endeavor of Poornima College of Engineering is to make students eligible for reputed multinationals and top private sector positions. Our department has continuously strived to build an inclusive knowledge culture and encouraged both the personal and professional growth of the students. Through various mock tests and dummy interviews, students are prepared for the D-day. Experience a culture that challenges, inspires, and encourages, only at Poornima College of Engineering.
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