Lacking the motivation and inspiration to run after your goals and aspirations? Well, who can be better than industry leaders and experts from around the globe to instil the spark of optimism in you?

If you have been thinking about ways to reach these experts and learn from them; think no more. Get ready to ride on the one-way roller coaster ride of knowledge and inspiration by watching the below-mentioned TED Talks. Each talk is given by gems in your industry, peculiarly discussing engineering and its aspects. Trust us; the learning will stay with you for the rest of your life!

1- Inspiring the next generation of female engineers by Debbie Sterling: With a mission to tackle the gender gap in STEM, Debbie Sterling, founder of GoldieBlox; a toy company, speaks about her life journey that shaped her decisions of becoming an engineer. So, for all the female engineers out there looking for inspiration, this is totally a talk worth watching.

2- The thrilling potential of Sixth Sense Technology by Pranav Mistry: With this thought-provoking and inspiring talk by Pranav Mistry, a computer scientist, and inventor, you will get a glimpse inside the future. Watch this video to get insights into his device Sixth Sense and other tools that help humans take advantage to form the power of data.

3- Re-Engineering Engineering Education by Stephan Athan: As a veteran engineer and educator, Dr Stephan Athan’s experience and knowledge is commendable. In this ted talk, he talks about a unique methodology empowering young minds with career knowledge at a young age.

4- The future we’re building — and boring by Elon Musk: Engineers in the 21st century do not require any introduction to Elon Musk. In this TED Talk, he discusses his new projects of laying a strong foundation of the future human reality. Engineers can listen to this talk and increase their knowledge of the advancements around the globe.

5- ‘Are engineers human?’ by Patricia Galloway: An experienced engineer by education, Patricia Galloway talks about the rising need for engineers in the 21st century. She mentions facts and figures that establish a strong demand for a certain set of skills and knowledge among students. Watch this talk to know how you can make an impact on the global goals as an engineer.

6- A solution for building a generation of inventors by Joachim Horn: The founder and CEO of SAM Labs, Joachim Horn has always been at the forefront of innovation. In his TED talk, he talks about all the ways to promote innovation, leading to greater and efficient output required in the 21st century.

7- Why We Need Engineers Now More Than Ever by Elanor Huntington: Engineers are required to create the future humans need. Keeping this aspect in mind, Elanor Huntington argues that engineering must be redefined and broader participation in the field must be encouraged. Watch this interesting talk to understand how you, as an engineer, can contribute to the growth of technology around the globe.

These TED Talks by renowned personalities can enhance your scope of understanding and broaden mind-set. At Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur, our faculty members, and management ensure that our students are expanding their horizons by different modes of learning, one being interactive sessions with experts from different domains. Make us your partner in the engineering journey and achieve unprecedented success with us.

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