The placement season is undoubtedly a terrifying time in a student’s life. While some students smoothly sail past all the problems, others find themselves stuck in a pothole. Lack of preparation, confidence, research, etc. many factors contribute to make placement an unfavorable process. However, to succeed one must indulge in proper preparation.

To help you sail past the recruitment process with ease, we have prepared a guide that you can refer to, as you prepare for the actual placements. This year-wise guide will list out all the nitty-gritty one needs to follow or stay away from while preparing for B.Tech recruitment.

Image First Year

The first year usually has common subjects throughout the streams. It is a great way to build a shared and robust base for students. To ace this year, it is advisable to indulge in some research to be prepared for future developments. Also, talk to the faculty members regularly and be in their close vicinity to understand how the industry works. AICTE and RTU affiliated colleges have made a 15 day industrial training compulsory for first year students, aiding their preparation. Take part in such trainings to gain insights of the work world.

Take it easy in the first year, but stay up to date. Also, avoid backlogs.

Second Year

This year is the doorway to your future, as it will give you the real picture of your engineering life. Get a hold of all the basics, as these basics are the stepping stone towards a successful career. Join forums, associations, and take part in group discussions to be aware of the trends. Indulge in practical learning and 30 days industrial internship as made compulsory by AICTE, to understand the theoretical aspects better. Participate in inter-college, interstate, and international tech competitions to sharpen and enhance your skills. Stay in the game to win the game.

Third Year

If you have managed to maintain a routine through these years, then congratulations! You are well ahead of the others. The third year is the time to put your learning into practice and gain detailed insights into the field. It is also the time to work on your soft skills, build your aptitude, and enhance your reasoning skills. Technical skills backed with interpersonal skills, together shape us into a skilled and smart professional. Besides these, take a run through what you have learned so far and brush up your knowledge. For this a 45 day industrial internship is introduced by AICTE; students must actively participate in these training and other certification courses. Students can also sign up for various courses online on Swayam portal. These would help you assess your position in the world out there.

Fourth Year

Well, this is the most crucial year for you. It is when the real placement scenario comes into the picture. Indulge in research, go through company profiles, various job offerings, etc. to tap as many opportunities as possible. Take part in mock interviews and papers prepared by the college to access your weak points and work on them later. Don’t stress yourself too much; keep up a confident front and ace the placements like a pro.


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