In the current world of technology, there are a few terms that are casually thrown at the audience to make them understand that they are working at a bleeding edge of innovation. While most of the things are literal mumbo-jumbo for most people, there are a few terms that almost everyone catches; data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Believe it or not, but these three branches of technology are the three pillars on which much of modern computing, and the future of digital technology stands.

What are these three, and why are they important? Data science, machine learning, and AI are branches of computer science that deal with different subsets of the application of computer science. So how can these be linked together? This blog discusses the collaboration of these subsets of computer science and how they will make all the difference in modern computing.

What is Data Science?

Data science is the study of large subsets of data (information) in order to develop systems, programs, and algorithms that can derive a meaning out of them. In simpler words, data science is that branch of computer engineering that deals with the processing, storage and use of data as and when it is generated. Most modern enterprises run on and generate copious amounts of data, which is why data science is an important part of modern work life. Through the use of various data science applications, goals can be achieved, and processes can be improved.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence or AI is the study of computer science that enables computer devices and applications to develop logical skills and execute reasoning by replicating human intelligence. This is done by teaching machines from experience so that they can recall the experience and give out the desired result. During the course of learning, the AI also learns how to self-correct itself upon encountering any exception or performing a mistake.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subsection of AI that focuses on creating ways (algorithms, logics, reasons, etc.) through which Artificial Intelligence is able to learn and correct itself. It is literally, as the name implies, the branch of computer science that deals with the development of techniques that help the machines learn, without programming them to do so. This kind of intelligence in a machine is gained by feeding a lot of information into the system, in order to create a larger subset of experience for the machine to learn from.

What is the Relationship between Data Science, Machine learning, and AI?

While Data Science and AI are vast areas of study, they are both linked together by Machine Learning. AI is based on learning through experience, and ML trains Artificial Intelligence through large sets of data. In processing this information, data science helps a lot. To put it simply, machine learning is that tool that gives the data science its desired result through a program that runs on Artificial Intelligence. Google’s search engine is a great example of this.

The future of computing, much inspired by services that already existing tech giants are providing people, will continue to be based on a collaborative effort of these three subjects. At Poornima College of Engineering, the best Jaipur engineering college, we are providing the first and only course on artificial intelligence in Rajasthan. Book your seats now by applying online or getting in touch with our administration office.
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