In the time that we are living in, the importance of social distancing has been realised by many already. However, the time that has come to show us the threat of the coronavirus has also shown us a silver lining in the form of robotics.

The great potential of automation and robotics has finally come to being realised as a viable option to avoid the spread of the virus and still getting the work done.

There have been a number of news articles from around the world where healthcare and government authorities are making absolutely amazing use of robotics. There are reports of doctors using robots to take temperatures of severe patients on ventilators, administer drugs, and send them food, all the while completely avoiding the risk of contracting the virus themselves. There are also reports of robots being used for disinfection and for delivering important goods into containment zones.

Does this mean that the robots are about rising as a viable option in our lifestyle now? The answer is yes. This is the age where the real potential of robots will be realised, and the ones making them will get the advantage of innovation and creativity, guiding them on the right path. Here is why the coronavirus will give rise to the robots as our best friends.

Cleaning and Disinfecting with Advantage

With the rise of the pandemic, the demand for sanitisers and disinfectants soared, and people are even considering stocking up the essentials. In the midst of this, researchers began working on reducing the error factor that a human may have while cleaning and disinfecting by developing robots that did a better job. These machines run the advantage of not only being better at seeing the contamination but also making it more efficient at stopping the spread of the virus to humans.

Social Distancing

Robots have now begun stepping into industries where they were never expected to be seen before. Making deliveries, cooking food, acting as cashiers on supermarket checkouts, and ticketing agents at various places are just a few examples of their presence that will help humans in proper social distancing. Furthermore, stocking, shelving, bookkeeping, and almost every other task can be taken out of the hands of humans in order to properly distance them from each other.

Artificial Intelligence as real as Humans

In cases where a job requires critical thinking, improvisations, or necessary input from humans, there is a need to develop better artificial intelligence. These robots will be developed to reduce human participation in necessary fields like teaching, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, fitness training, retailing, banking, and production. While there still will be human supervision to everything, the concept of artificial intelligence will be developed to provide a number of benefits like productivity, risk management, and automation of regular tasks.

While there are sceptics in the world about the power of AI and what it can do, the truth is that AI is more about doing tasks that are not humanly possible, especially when it is a repetitive task with thousands, lacs, and crores of repetitions. This AI, when fed into a robotic body, can actually be a great way to not only reduce human contact but also to reduce the possibility of human error.

Even when the pandemic recedes and the world comes back out of their homes, it is hard to imagine that things will go back to the way there at the beginning of 2020. However, with the right developments in the field of robotics, we may as well be moving towards a more reliable and futuristic world. At Poornima College of Engineering, the top BTech college in Jaipur , we encourage our students to delve into the deeper end of science and understand how stuff works at its core. We encourage our students to innovate through their creativity. Come, join the technological revolution at PCE by applying for admission online.
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