With the advent of covid, the sudden change in life has impacted the lives of many in several ways. The unpredictable plight of the pandemic has brought harsh challenges, however, opportunities for a positive change have also been witnessed. While the world has identified massive financial and economic shortfalls, most of the engineers & technologists have been financially spared from the pandemic. There is no denying that technology plays a pivotal role in smooth processes in the workplace. In line with the same, a substantial recovery in the hiring of engineers has been witnessed amidst the pandemic. As the organizations are now dwelling upon tech solutions and work-from-home models, there is a significant demand for engineers for smooth operations.

How do technologists play a pivotal role?

The sudden hit of the pandemic led to shifts in various day-to-day activities including going to the office. Earlier, employees were working from a traditional office, and post-pandemic, they had to work remotely sans various resources. It surely brought the much-needed comfort, however, there were some drawbacks as well. Right then, technologists and engineers came into action to execute imperative components in expediting the widespread conversion. From meetings converting into video calls (especially via zoom) and conferences converting into webinars, the business flow initially turned hard to tackle. With this major change i.e the shift in the workplace, there was a dire need for tech professionals and engineers who can work from the backend to make the ends meet for both employees and employers. All in all now is a great opportunity for individuals who wish to see themselves as engineers or technologists and without any shred of doubt, they can opt for B Tech admission 2021.

There are several top engineering colleges in Jaipur and Poornima University being one of them offers the best education for upcoming engineers so that they can leave their mark in the industry. Not only will they get optimum education, but will also get the perks of the best placement college in Jaipur.

Various job titles are available for tech professionals including Engineers, Systems administrators, Cloud architects, Application designers/developers, Cybersecurity experts, and more. Hence, students can work upon whichever job suits their interests. The options are plenty, so are the opportunities!

Despite the recent surge in Covid cases, the scope for engineers & technologists stands to be bright and optimistic. This futureproof career is expected to show wonders in the upcoming years. So, while students are juggling between engineering and some other course, they can entirely rely on the first choice as it comes with an array of opportunities. Moreover, at our university, they can take the benefit of B.Tech college direct admission and carve a path for a glistening future.

The recent research shows the reality of the post-pandemic world where digitization is becoming the father of various business processes. While we move towards a digital future, the demand for tech-related jobs seems to be highly consistent. There’s ultimately a huge reliance on technological solutions and in order to cater to the requirement, tech developers and engineers are of utmost significance.

So now when you know how high-yielding this industry could be and you can easily get B.Tech direct admission, this is the time to seize the opportunity and invest your precious years in this demanding field. If you are in search of the best engineering colleges in Rajasthan, congratulations as your hunt stop here! Find the best course of your choice or interest and get on a wonderful education joyride with us. Consider your future to be safe and secured as we will take care of the academics as well as placement. Find your course now!
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