The Eads Bridge on the Mississippi River, connecting US cities of Missouri and Illinois, has a funny inauguration story. Named after its designer James Eads, people were at first apprehensive to use the bridge over safety concerns. The solution though was as ingenious as the bridge itself.


It is an age-old belief that elephants never set foot on unsafe structures and if an elephant can cross the bridge, then people can too. On June 14, 1874, amidst all the pomp and show, an elephant test was conducted successfully where the Eads Bridge won the test of time. Since then, it has been standing high and robust. It is a testament to how engineering has been pivotal in changing our lives for the better. Engineering has time and again, showcased the transforming power of imagination, creativity, and endurance.

What Does An Engineering Course Offers?

Engineering has multiple disciplines like civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical, computer science, etc. But all thanks to an infusion of technology, the lines that separated these disciplines in the past are diminishing slowly but surely. However, it is still essential to learn the basic building blocks that make up each discipline, and the first year of the course is dedicated to the basics of sciences like physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The best engineering colleges in addition to the academics necessitate participation in industrial visits, tech fests for the students from the first year itself. This ensures that students are well acquainted with the needs and demands of the course as early as possible. The remaining three years focus on the chosen specialization through technical knowhow assignments, practical training, industrial training, project works, workshops, internships, placement training, etc.

To sum it all up, the 4-year engineering degree course is aimed to help students develop cognitive and practical skills that the industry is looking from the technical graduates.

3 Great Reasons to Choose an Engineering Course

1. A Way to the Future:


A decade ago, a claim of a total number of active users outnumbering the population of India and China would have been mocked and ignored. But as of March 2019, Facebook has over 2.38 billion users (that’s more than the population of Europe). Facebook is a result of a great mind, Mark Zuckerberg, who has been a computer science student.

Facebook is just one example; almost all the big companies that we know today are the brainchild of engineers. Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Infosys, Paytm, Flipkart, etc. have been developed by far-sighted engineers who dreamt of a changed future.

2. Job Oriented skills

Finding a job is easy, but finding a well-paying job is always tough. An engineering course offers skill sets that are relevant and highly sought after. Engineers work with reputed companies and enjoy a great work-life balance.

3. Travel While You Work

We all know how thrilled engineers get when an opportunity to go onsite strikes. One shouldn’t miss this kind of opportunity, as it entails experiential learning. For engineers, demographic boundaries do not exist. Engineers with excellent experience and knowledge are offered lucrative packages in foreign countries.

The Role of College

As they say, “Great colleges make great engineers,” Colleges can contribute significantly towards improving the pedigree of graduate engineers through industry partnerships, well-equipped labs, well-trained faculty, industry-oriented courses, etc. Poornima Group of Colleges, one of the most renowned Jaipur Engineering College, follows a holistic and wholesome learning approach to shape engineers who can lead tomorrow.

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