In the year 2020, an engineering degree continues to be the most lucrative career option for Indians living in different parts of the country. In fact, with the evolution of technology and science, the scope of a promising career has increased exceedingly in the last decade.

While most aspirants are clear about the engineering discipline they want to pursue, they struggle with one major question, that is, if an engineering degree should be pursued from India or Abroad. While students are recommended to make a decision after completely evaluating the pros and cons, most students do not have much time to spend on researching the prospects.

So, here is a blog that will highlight the major aspects that students must consider before making a decision between India and Abroad for engineering studies.

Cost Of Education:

Most of the times, the fee charged by institutions in India is decided by the government or at least, some of the guidelines are given by the government so that education remains affordable. In fact, students coming from lower strata of income also get scholarships so that they can complete their studies. On the other hand, to join an engineering institute abroad, students mostly take loans, the interest rate of which is high mostly. Apart from the loan, there are other fees involved which makes studying abroad costly. So, considering the cost of education for Indians, engineering institutes in the country have the upper hand.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Quality Of Education:

The quality of education in India is at par with any other foreign premium institutes. Personalities like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Binny Bansal, and Sachin Bansal are some famous CEOs who graduated in engineering from Indian institutes. Their success truly defines the level of education offered at Indian engineering institutes.

Research Opportunities:

Research is an important part of an engineering degree. With fast-paced growth in India, the research opportunities in India have grown manifolds. Indian engineering institutes are no longer following the same old pattern of research that was followed in the ’90s. However, the research opportunities abroad are also well-developed and better than India on some grounds in many countries like the USA.

Students are offered multiple grants to continue research in Abroad. This is the area where India is lagging behind other countries; however, the research opportunities are developing swiftly. In the coming years, India will be a hub for research studies due to a plethora of opportunities. So, seeing the future prospects, it is better to pursue a degree in India.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad


There is no doubt that the infrastructure at educational institutes abroad is very advanced. However, with time, major improvements have happened in the educational infrastructure of Indian institutions. Digital classrooms, online learning, and well-equipped laboratories have all enabled engineering students to move towards the path of success.

Teaching Standard:

With a change in outlook towards education, Indian professors have adopted all the latest methodologies to impart the required knowledge. These days, joining a premium engineering institute in India as a professor is not easy. Multiple screenings and a stringent process is followed for the recruitment of professors.

Job Opportunities:

Engineering placements abroad are very uncommon. Students have to network and find a job post engineering studies. In India, the required emphasis is given on offering campus placements by engineering institutes, giving students a better chance to secure a job.

With time, the field of engineering has evolved completely in every part of the globe. While the ultimate decision regarding the choice of studying in India or abroad is to be made by a student, the above-mentioned aspects can be useful to help the decision-making process.

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