Additional Benefits

Add on for Hostellers


Personality Development Club: The venture has seen many satisfied faces among the first year students. The students readily understood the need of professionalism. There were many students who have been the shy ones and find it difficult to stand in front of crowds. The extreme participation in the stage has given us enough evidence of how they have overcame their body challenges as well as their passion to create a difference.

Workshop Club: Teaching and training is a full-fledged learning process in itself. Training budding technocrats to be better professionals bearing an all-round personality is our motto, helping hone one’s technical skills as well as exploring new hobbies. In the process, we as their trainers and mentors ourselves learn acute managerial and organizational skills. Preparing for various workshops includes developing a proper understanding of the skill being introduced; learning the skill themselves is must. Social Activity Club: We the members of Social Activity Club try to put our efforts in teaching the Mess Workers daily. We had conducted at about 40 classes. We also let them play for one day in every week in order to make them active. The learning is basic; we teach them according to their age. We had made a syllabus for them and accordingly to it we move ahead. Previously, they were not being able to write their name but now they can not only write their names but can compete with a fourth standard lad. The Event management club: It had a number of events organized in the session 2014-15. During these events we learned a lot of qualities and gained a lot of experience in this field of event management. All the mentors were fully enthusiastic and hard working. We learned to work as a team and lead that team to the road of success. The mentors coordinated and managed the things in time. We learned the quality of time management and work management both together.