The coronavirus pandemic has forced undesirable disruptions to normal life itself. While colleges are taking all possible measures to ensure minimum disruption in learning, the online and remote learning does come with many uncontrollable challenges.

This makes it essential that students also take proactive measures and adjust accordingly to ensure uninterrupted learning. These measures do not have to be extreme changes, rather slight adjustments.

Here are a few tips to help students adjust better and make the most of their situation during this indefinite crisis.

Be Organized

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

When forced to either work or study from home, one can feel less motivated or enthusiastic about it. As such, the best way to keep negative emotions at bay is by staying organized. Students must ensure that they stick to the same schedule as before, even when they are at home. This also includes the way you start and prepare for the day. Furthermore, maintaining a record and keeping track of the video lectures, assignments updates, Q&A sessions, etc., will help a long way in keeping students in line with the course.

Create The Right Environment

While it is unfair to expect the same learning environment as in a college, students must make an effort to ensure that they have made proper arrangements as per their needs. If someone prefers studying in a chair, then one must not trade it with a bed or couch. Similarly, for those who prefer a noiseless environment, it’s apt to choose a quiet corner of the house for study.

Team Up With Your Pals

Thanks to the advancement in technology, students have now at their disposal online tools that they can use to make learning from home more fun and engaging.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Group studies have multiple benefits, including:
  • Timely completion of assignments.
  • A better understanding of important topics.
  • Backup for missed lectures.
  • Easily available notes.

Don’t Put Your Finger in Too Many Pies

When one has so much time at one’s disposal, it’s easier to plan beyond one’s capacity. Especially during a pandemic when multiple other intangible factors add up to daily stress and anxiety, it’s important to plan cautiously. Instead of making plans for the entire week, consider study plans for 2-3 days. And once you have accomplished all your goals, move forward at a moderate pace. This way, students can not only accomplish more but also feel no burden or stress.

Stay Connected And Be Positive

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

It’s important to stay in touch with instructors and tutors. In case of doubt, send a message and ask for an appropriate time when they can be reached. But most importantly, stay positive, and there is no dearth of options to do it. Here are just some of the simple and easiest ones:

  • Reading books (biographies, fiction, self-help, etc.)
  • Playing indoor games with family members.
  • Spending minimum time on social media
  • Exercise regularly or practice Yoga

These are some easy-to-follow adjustments that every student must make to ensure learning goals remain within sight during the coronavirus lockdown. At Poornima College of Engineering, our primary goals remain un-compromised safety and uninterrupted learning of our students. As one of the top engineering colleges in Rajasthan , our efforts have been aimed at making remote learning easy and seamless for every student. We hope our efforts will keep the disruption in learning to the minimum.
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