When you opted to be an engineer, you amassed a huge amount of knowledge, earned a pristine B.Tech. degree, and powered your way through the interview stages to get a job.

You are now a fortunate graduate who has landed into a dream job. However, the path ahead is not an easy beach-walk. You will be soon entering into the unfamiliar territory of a typical 9 hours job on a regular basis, which might be daunting for you.

To make your upcoming journey smoother, we have compiled some tips that will make you fully prepare and will aid you in excelling in your first job.

Before Joining

Before your joining day approaches, you should put in some legwork beforehand to nail it during the job. To make yourself ready for the real world, you should learn some skills such as dealing with people, taking responsibilities, giving presentations, handling feedback, etc. You can attend the workshops and seminars organized by recognized and reputed engineering colleges in Jaipur. These are aimed at skills development for making the students industry-ready. Supplant your deficit in knowledge with the learned skills to impress everyone.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to read the trends in the industry before you start your job. This will keep you from going in cold and clueless on the first day of the job. With these, you will be ready to navigate through all the new situations that come your way.

On the Day of Joining:

The first day of your job is going to be nerve-wracking. However, you can make a positive impression just by focusing on small aspects such as by reaching on time, dressing professionally, not checking social media often, and behaving appropriately. One of the essential aspects is to pay attention to the orientation session. Basically, avoid any behavior that could prompt your supervisor to report your attitude to managers or team lead.

Additionally, although observation is important, you don’t have to sit quietly in a corner. You have to speak up and get involved in the team to reflect the best practices of working.

After Joining:

To understand your job role and responsibilities, listen carefully to the guidelines of your immediate supervisor. Approach every duty with great zeal and enthusiasm. Provide your manager with the most frequent updates on the status of the project you are working on.

The biggest benefit of being new in a job is that you can ask for help from other engineers when required. Moreover, ask for more work when you have completed the previously assigned work as the manager might not know how much work you can handle in the initial days.

Your first job can be really tricky, and you would not want to look unprepared. However, you don’t have to worry as you have probably obtained the best education that is aligned with industry standards, which will make help you acing the job. It’s your career; make it a good one! All the best!

We at Poornima, also organize non-syllabus activities that every student has to take part in to be competitive in the real world. Enumerate your abilities and groom yourself with us to impress your peers.

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