The COVID-19 lockdown has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies for ensuring uninterrupted learning for students. Top colleges and universities are now offering remote classes for students.

But technology adoption has to be a collective effort, and it is important that students also proactively adopt tech-solutions for ensuring seamless studies.

However, with so many tools and software available online, most students may find it confusing to choose the right technology for studies during COVID-19 Lockdown. This blog highlights some of the best technology tools and practices which every student must adopt for a hassle-free learning experience.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Get Hands-On Training For Virtual Classroom Tools:

While most virtual classroom tools are plug and play, there are few things that you must be familiar with, such as:

  • How to register attendance
  • How to raise a question during the session
  • How to take important notes, save document links, etc.

To ensure that online learning is a collective process and students can participate completely, they must be well aware of the nits and bits of the tools. To make things easier, students can also ask for a demo from the respective instructor or college administration.

Use Digital Calendar To Keep Track:

Keeping track of the class schedule, duration, and important dates may not be easy at first. Hence, it is wise to integrate digital calendars that keep students informed and notified about all things necessary.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Most probably, every college or institute will share a hyperlink of Google calendar. Students must ensure to download and ardently follow it to stay organized and at the same pace with the lectures and assignments.

Follow Social Media Handle of the College:

Colleges can’t reach out to every student personally to share information, assignment links, notes, etc. Most colleges will use their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc., to keep students informed. Students or parents must make it a point to follow these accounts. This will ensure that parents and students will be instantly notified about every update or information.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Create An Online Study Group:

Learning is a collaborative exercise. Students must stay in touch with one another. The best way to do so is by creating an online study group where students can help one another as well as keep track of their studies. There are many free tools for online group study such as OpenStudy, StudyBlue, ExamTime, etc. These tools are easy to use and make group study fun and seamless.

Make Most of MOOCs:

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are free and available for everyone. Students can use this time to enrol in these courses and learn key skills that add to their overall resume and improve their chances of placement exceedingly.

Furthermore, there is no dearth of free online classes that cater specifically to professional degree courses. With a little guidance from their instructors, students can easily find Youtube channels that make online learning free, intuitive, and engaging.

We care equally for our next batch of students too. Interested students can visit our website as well as follow our social media handles for updates on B tech admission 2020, course curriculum, counselling, etc. All the best. Stay safe and healthy!
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