With an ambition to occupy a place among the leading nations, India began its humble journey of the space program in 1962 when the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) was established. After launching several satellites from INCOSPAR, further, in 1969, the Indian space agency- Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) was established, and since then it has become a symbol of our nation’s scientific and engineering strength and prowess.

Since then, the agency has taken many small steps towards becoming a Nation with indigenous capabilities in launching space missions. And the one thing that is common in all these missions is high-level engineering besides the science, and research

The role of engineers in a space program is indispensable, where they are responsible for putting all the technical expertise at the disposal. Engineers work in the program from the beginning till the completion of the mission and overlook an array of disciplines right from evaluating and enabling technological implementation across multiple fields. So, let’s have a look at some of the remarkable contribution of engineers in the space program throughout the years!

Image Chandrayaan-1

India was successful in sending Chandrayaan-1 in 2008, its first mission to the Moon. The satellite was successfully able to discover water on the Moon and with this mission; India again proved its engineering mettle to the world. The engineers worked on designing, building, & maintaining the structures along with identifying the problems & solving them beforehand. For instance, civil engineers played a vital role in designing the launch platforms; on the other hand, aerospace engineers were responsible for controlling the systems throughout the launch and the journey.

Mars Mission

The scientists and engineers achieved a remarkable milestone in the year 2014 when they managed to place a satellite into Martian orbit in very first attempt. The mission was credited with many laurels like cost-effectiveness, miniaturization of five heterogeneous science payloads, short realization period, etc. This Mission to Mars was a milestone in space technology and stood out in many ways

Playing an invaluable role, our engineers were successful in reducing the cost and time of space through innovative and breakthrough solutions. They were also responsible for hardware assembly, testing of development stages, and effective progress of the space project.


Recently, India made a landmark attempt with its mission to soft-land a rover on the southern pole of the Moon’s surface. With its indigenous capabilities, India managed to send a spacecraft at a much lesser cost than NASA’s Moon-mission. For some, the mission may have gone awry; it has undoubtedly established India as a space superpower. Scientists worked in close proximity with specialist engineers to ensure successful implementation of each and every technology involved in the mission.

Not only India but the entire world applauded ISRO and India’s engineering prowess in space technology. And there is no moving backward now; the Indian engineers will ensure more such achievements in the fields of science and technology in the coming years.

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