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It stands for Women in Science and Engineering that formally aims to strengthen the technological scenario in which women are going to play a key role. As women are the foundation of every society they need strength & a strong identity to build a strong society for which WISE was established. Various social programs like visits to hospitals, slum houses, and orphanage, etc are organized at regular intervals under WISE. It also aims at increasing the number of girls studying Science, Engineering and technical subjects, developing their technical & entrepreneurial skills to help them progress in related careers. Training initiatives, projects, visiting various institutions & workshops are also organized to enhance their knowledge so that they can have various opportunities to excel in their fields.


It creates learning and assessment opportunities in which a tutor performs the combined role of a friend, philosopher, and guide for a group of students under his or her tutorship. The responsibility of a tutor includes helping, guiding, admonishing as well as caressing for a student in studies, a person whom you can confide your problem of any type. He is guide, a teacher, mentor, second parent, an authority and a friend. Here a student can share their problems related to study, other faculties and management to get it solved and also anyone can share their non academic talents with others. This system plays a vital role for students struggling to get academic help from others to excel.


OBT was launched in the year 2009 with a vision of promoting and fulfilling the technical and non-technical needs of students to manifest their innate potential. It is ideally suited to teaching programs of PCE that especially aim at developing the skills of critical and creative thinking. Open Book Test have a tremendous impact on promoting the right mental sets in both learning and teaching. The effect of Open Book Test, at PCE, restores the true meaning of the word education for both teachers and students.


It is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching which provides students an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Industrial visit is considered as a part of a college curriculum and different industrial visits, seminars workshops etc. are organized to give the students practical hands –on experience regarding the internal working environment of a company and its know-how as well as useful information related to the practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures.


It focuses entirely on learning teaching strategies through education, practice, feedback, and coaching including analysis, modeling, demonstration and discussion etc. Self-Help Groups give members an opportunity to discuss their experiences share their thoughts & ideas to give support, hope, and educate others. Its main objective is to involve higher performance students for improving question answering skills of weaker students and make the group a high achievers group. Asst. Dean-I year and HOD’s-Higher Classes are responsible to implement this procedure with tutor as facilitator of the group & coordinators of the group help members so that quality of tutorials, assignments, lab records, results & attendance improves.
  • They form self-help groups for each tutorial batch in a class. 6 self-help groups are formed in one tutorial batch, each group gets a separate tutorial sheet comprising of 4/5 students.
  • Teacher checks copy of the coordinator 100% and guide them as required so that he/she can help other students.
  • In lab classes, coordinator or its nominee checks the accuracy of calculations and lab records of the group number & help him. If required, he can consult the teacher or lab technician.
  • If required, the group members can stay over on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday after college hours up to 4:10 PM and mutually help.
  • Tutor of the class shall be the facilitator of the groups formed for the batches and shall pass on the relevant information as desired by Asst. Dean/HOD to the groups.


It’s a part of academics where all facilities are provided with updated technologies and equipments. The significance of R&D can be highlighted as:
  • To promote research and development activities in the institution.
  • To equip the student and the faculty members with latest advancement in the technological areas.
  • To provide engineering consultancy and research in innovative areas.
  • To enhance the engineering education with research orientation fulfilling the technical needs of industries.


PEEM was introduced in PF in July 13 from academic session 2013-14. Its main aim is to prepare the budding engineers to face challenges in cracking the job interviews. It was introduced for students to crack written exam of companies, to instill confidence in them during interviews, to provide an opportunity to explore themselves beyond the academic curriculum. PEEM help students to be to be successful in their placements. This year about 1350 students were put through the online tests for the evaluation of their aptitude and skills and 800 of these students were found eligible on the grounds of various parameters to be subjected to GD/PI, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and English (spoken and written) Classes. The results were encouraging and it was decided to introduce PEEM & P-PROSKEP classes from V sem onwards for B.Tech session 2014-15 in order to make students more competitive. To screen out the disinterested students a token amount is charged from the students which is refunded to them at the conclusion phase of PEEM. The PEEM team consists of:
  1. The Chief TPO.
  2. The Training Officers PEEM, PCE/PIET/PGI.
  3. 26 Tutors from all PGC Campus.
  • PEEM classes are mandatory for all students of 5th and 6th Semester CS, IT, EC & EIC branches and will run as a regular program incorporated in the teaching scheme for 2 hours / week.
  • P-PROSKEP classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CS, IT, EC & EIC branches is now termed as ‘Technical P-PROSKEP (TPP)’, taught by department faculty members only. The TPP sessions are also compulsory for all students of 5th Semester. An individual faculty is not permitted to take the load of TPP sessions for more than 6 hours per week.
  • TPP classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CIVIL, ME & EE branches is conducted for 2 hours in Lecture mode (2L) and 2 hours in practical mode (2P – with batch size of half of the class strength). Deptt. faculty members takes the TPP sessions that primarily includes preparation for GATE, brushing up of previous year’s concepts & awareness of technical sessions (to be conducted in interactive Lecture mode) and other software based learning & workshop oriented trainings (to be conducted in Practical mode).
  • PEEM classes for students of 5th & 6th Semester CIVIL, ME & EE are not compulsory, though, students who are interested in PEEM classes are allowed under a special time-table prepared by respective Campus Directors ensuring the effective use of resources and without causing any undesirable disturbance in other activities.
  • The time table and scheme for PEEM classes and GD/PI sessions are prepared by Training Officer, PF with guidance of respective Campus Directors.


It’s a beyond-syllabus activity to provide profession skills to students which fills the gap between the university syllabus and the demands of the industry/society from an engineer. The program is directly related to the Holistic Development & Grooming and Placement Process of the engineering students to make them excel in all spheres of life, personal or professional.

Thrust Areas of P-PROSKEP

Technical Seminars and Projects: Team work and Presentation skills Behavior pattern during Placement Drives: GD, PI & Overall preparation Representation of Poornima Group at various levels Documentation etiquettes Summer Internship Communication style Stage coordination – Anchoring and Comparing Dress Sense and Time Management

Objectives: To influence the performance and behavior of the student, the following objectives have been set:
  • To create a conducive atmosphere for the Holistic development of the students and to equip them with skills like communication skills, mannerisms and professional etiquettes.
  • Maintain good linguistic competence among the students through accuracy in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.
  • Train students to use language effectively to face interviews, GDs and public speaking so as to increase the chances of placements.
  • Generate awareness of current industry trends and current affairs.
  • Sensitize the students to the burning environmental and social issues at national and global level.
  • Provide exposure to the students to a variety of self-instructional, learner – friendly modes of language learning.
  • To assist engineering students in metamorphosing into an industry ready professional.
  • Three-tier working model: The scope of the department’s influencing area is very wide. To achieve greater success the department functions in three-tier model, as explicated below:
Language/Communication Skills Self-Development and Grooming Interpersonal Skills Placement Preparation & Training
Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing Conversation Practice Creative & Lateral Thinking Proactive Behavior Team Building & Leadership Skills Aptitude Testing Group Discussion
Business Communication Vocabulary Building Self Esteem & Self Confidence Conflict Management Personal Interview – Assertiveness
Article/Film/Book Review Presentation Skills SWOT Analysis Assertiveness General Awareness
Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Newspaper Analysis Time Management & Goal Setting Social & Business Etiquettes Career Management & Guidance
  • Each section of 66-72 students splits into 2 which are handled by two trainers respectively
  • Each session comprises hands-on activities, videos, power point presentations, hand-outs etc.
  • The duration of the activity is of 2 hours
  • In the beginning of the session, the objective/s are specified followed by the process and application of the activity/s
  • Prior to the actual commencement of the activity, students are given coaching related to the relevance of the topic in professional life
  • Assessments is followed by discussion and feedback
  • Towards the end learning outcomes are discussed
  • Topic related hand-outs are given to the students as and when required, prior to the sessions as home assignments
  1. Activities related to Technical Soft Skills at the Technical Deptts’ locations
    1. Assessment and Feedback of Technical Seminar Presentations
    2. Mock Campus Recruitment Drives at Deptt. Level
  • Mock GD and PI in Laboratories
  1. Technical Games and Quiz during Technical Lectures
  2. News and Current Affairs Discussion during Practical Experiments
  3. Decoration of Faculty rooms and Classrooms with Quotes, Word-lists, Do’s and Don’ts of GD, PI, Presentation Skills etc.
  1. Activities related to Soft Skills for Technical Faculty Members during Faculty Training Program at PF level
  2. Workshops for Communication Skills, Effective Delivery of Lectures, Holistic Development etc.
  3. Mock GDs and PI’s to practice their skills
  • Training on Career Counseling
  1. Pep-talks, Seminars on Time Management, Resource Management, Goal Setting and Event Planning, Organizing and Conducting etc.


Online eligibility test is a mandatory eligibility criterion for appearing in 1st and 2nd Mid Term Examination for all the students for self-assessment about academic preparation at any stage, till they clear the exam. It is for 1 hour minutes and is conducted on weekly basis. They are provided with a login and password to appear for the exam and if for any reason they are unavailable to give the exam during the assigned internet lab then they can appear during any free time in the college schedule. The print out of the result will be provided to the students. Passing online exam is mandatory and two attempts are given for clearing one unit. It consists of 60 questions in total from all the subjects of that particular unit. For e.g., the first test will consist of 60 questions in total from the unit I of all the subjects of that particular semester, similarly for unit II and so on.


Special Training classes are organized for the final year students so that they can excel in the upcoming Placement drives. These classes are meant for:-
  • Guidance to Students for Increasing Placement Chances.
  • Experience Sharing by Selected Students (Alumni and others)
  • Discussion on Exam Pattern and Previous Year Placement


Survey Camp is conducted successfully for students at regular intervals, as a compulsory part of the Curriculum. Such camps are aimed to groom the engineering students with essential knowledge and exposure to the real field work, thereby encouraging leadership and teamwork skills among them. This Survey Camp results in encouraging and supporting students, emerging as a leader in several areas of academic. The Students are divided into groups of 10 -11 students each and are monitored and mentored by the faculty coordinator. These camps are organized in 2-3 phases to learn & monitor each aspect of the surveying.


The idea of Aadhar was conceived with the aim to provide technically inclined youth with an innovative platform where the talent and expertise would be recognized and duly rewarded. This is a technical project exhibition event of PGC where the best projects are showcased by students within their campuses and the outstanding projects are rewarded with prizes by the senior dignitaries of PF. The technical festival “Aadhar” is formally inaugurated and it continues for one whole day for other students to view and learn from the projects. A Booklet of “Aadhar” is also released by the Chairman Sir which narrates the growth story of Aadhar and the important highlights of the event to cherish the memories in future.


It’s a 3 day technical event of PF which creates awareness about contemporary technological scenario. Prayogam is organized in November every year at Poornima University wherein students of other institutions are invited along with their parents to interact directly with the makers of technical projects and models to know about their application. Each of the projects exhibited and presented in Prayogam reflects technical knowledge and skills acquired by the students in their course of engineering. Along with the display of 2500 selected technical and engineering working projects and models covering the fields of electronics, instrumentation, mechanical, civil, computer and electrical several other on the spot competitions, quiz, workshops and trials of various projects exhibited is also conducted through activities like Hands –on Practice.


It’s a techno-cultural-sports fest which is conducted in November every year as a platform for every Poornima’ite to showcase their exuberance and talent. Last year theme of AAROHAN POORNIMA 2014 was 5T’s of India in 21st century, which comprised of Talent, Trade, Tourism, Technology and Tradition. It is divided into four categories namely club, sports, technical and cultural and a number of events are organized under these four categories:

  • Sport Events- Tennis, Chess, Carom, Basketball, Tug-of-War, Volleyball, Atheletics-100M, etc.
  • Cultural Events-Group Dance (Folk/Western), Solo Classical, Mime.
  • Club Events-Sur-Sangram, Roadies, Heena-creation, Act-it-out, Treasure-hunt, Extempore, etc.
  • Technical Events-IQ-meter, Object-Project, Paper-Presentation, Documentary Competition, etc.


EDC was established on August 15, 2011 with the objective of creating, fostering and promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the nation. The E- Cell organizes a plethora of events under its aegis. It allows participation not only from the students of PGC Campus but also from colleges all across the country. It is aimed at promoting an environment favorable for entrepreneurial thinking and action through the organization of a variety of entrepreneurship-oriented events such as games, idea generations, business plan contests, case studies, business quizzes and so forth. The long term objectives are aimed at assisting students who aspire to start their own ventures. To achieve the objective EDC has an association with NEN (A national level leader in Entrepreneurship Development).


A club named Technofreaks has been established which provides IT classes to equip young children with fundamental IT skills for their studies & research work. In the IT age, every field of study calls for various extend of computer knowledge such as writing presentation, design, calculation, simulation, analysis and so on. Children from slum areas like Ramchandrapura and the children who work in college mess come to attend these classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for an hour after college timings. It’s great to see those kids getting so indulged in the learning and enjoying.


An Orientation program “Pehla Kadam” is organized for the new comer students to make them adapted with the culture of Poornima. It is formally inaugurated by PF dignitaries with speeches on issues like “Making of Engineer” and “Growth Story of Poornima”. Special lectures and classes are also organized to give complete information required to the students in context with academics and non-academics. AIEEE/RPET merit holders are awarded by the dignitaries of PF. The program included the following activities:

  • General Facilities
  • Special Activities
  • Events in college
  • HOD interaction
  • Talk on Career Making by Mr. Rahul Singhi, Assistant Director, PF
  • Administrative System
  • Importance of Lecture, Tutorial and Practical
  • Culture Ethics and Discipline
  • Information about PAA
  • Branch Specific lecture was delivered by HOD of respective branches
  • Interaction with Seniors
  • Information of Online Exam
  • Career guidance of Specific Branch
  • Importance of Tutor System



It’s the Annual prize distribution ceremony “KALANIDHI 2K15” celebrated on 2nd October ever year to felicitate & give prizes to various class toppers, branch topers and subject toppers who excel in field of academics and non –academics. The students are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals respectively and certificate of appreciation is also given to them. Parents of the awardees are also invited for the ceremony as it is the precious and memorable moment for every student. The prize distribution ceremony includes all kinds of awards like best student, best hosteller, best attendance, best project, best seminar etc. Students wait for this event eagerly & are always excited to receive appreciation and cash awards from the college authorities.


Poornima School of Management organized Gestion 2015, the management coliseums, on the 25 & 26 Feb’2015, aimed at sharpening and testing the talents of management professionals-in-making. It offers students a chance to express their innovative ideas and management skills by way of healthy inter–college competitions and to gain due appreciation and acknowledgement for their contributions. The management fest, an annual feature, creates a source of learning through interaction among participants. It also had the benefit of association with academicians and industry practitioners who are invited to adjudge the performance of the events organized. The various events are organized in the two days management fest, the various activities were: Mock Parliament, T- shirt making, Antrakshari, Poster making ,Best Out of Waste, Make-Up Artist, Tattoo making, Solo Song, Photography Competition, Group Dance, Model united Nations , Rangoli ,B- quiz (screening) , Non Gas Cooking, Face Painting, Nukkad Natak, Solo Dance, B-plan , Ad-making and Fashion show. The Students of BBA &MBA participates enthusiastically in the various events to compete for 1st position.


The main aim to form this cell is to streamline Intra-college Communication and share it with outside world. PICC ensures that relevant & latest information about all happenings of PF is updated on website and social media pages at regular intervals. The information relating to following attributes are regularly communicated and updated on PF website.

  • Announcement of an Activity participated by delegates outside PF
  • Conference/Seminar/Workshop etc
  • Special Lecture &Activity of eminence
  • Placement Activity/Drive
  • Students Participation outside PF in academics, co & extra-curricular pursuits
  • Fortnightly Attendance
  • List of debarred students
  • University Results
  • Industrial Tours & Trainings
  • Faculty Training Program
  • Grant/Funds from AICTE/DST
  • 3 Best Projects of each class (Syllabus/Non Syllabus Category)
  • Presentation of paper in Conferences
  • Authoring books by faculty
  • Acquiring M.Tech. /Ph.D. Degree by Faculty
  • New / Annual Affiliation / Approval
  • Functions / Celebrations
  • Day Coverage
  • News and Publicity article


Poornima Alumni Association was established in the year 2006 with the objective to bring together all alumni as a family. While we started with just 140 students and now have about 10000 students wandering in our premises each year, reputation continues to be the clear reason students enrol, candidates get recruited and scholars attend our research & development programs. Every alumnus today represents Poornima’s past and is the foundation of our future. Poornima’s core values and its purpose as an organization of excellence are most clearly defined by achievements and contributions of alumnus to their organizations and societies.

The world has changed. And once again, Poornima has responded by listening to the industries that hire the talent Poornima develops, and delivers the change they need. We strongly believe in our core philosophy of fulfilling your dreams. Alumnus can help most by talking about Poornima, mentoring students, accepting opportunities to attend class, recruiting Poornima’s students, participating in alumni events and sharing your views and expertise.

Alumnus has always played a major role in enlightening and strengthening Poornima by their victories. They have been our supporters and have served the alma mater being benevolent to it. Alumnus is the real ambassador who has tied juniors with their support and guidance. It is through them that we are known in the world around. The Alumni Association has always manifested in joining the weak bonds together and creating them afresh and new through the means of alumni section. Association has also maintained a regular contact between the alumni and the alma mater which has resulted in a well developed, versatile engineering graduates and alumni which outshine the rest in their fields.

We are building Poornima’s future on a history characterized by vision, passion and courage but more importantly – on a hope that we can make a difference.


It’s been a tradition of Poornima Group to appreciate the utmost efforts of its hard working faculty members and technical staff members for giving the supreme results. A faculty facilitation program, therefore, is conducted either on Independence Day or Republic Day and faculty members & staff members are awarded under various criteria.

The scheme was introduced to appreciate efforts made by the department and individuals for the betterment of academic performance standard and to encourage them to contribute in a positive and competitive environment. The reputed faculty members of PF, Jaipur leaves profound influence by their expertise at the major national & international conferences, seminars and refresher courses and help shaping the future trends in technical education. The mission of the Faculty at PF is to create highly competent engineers and to provide quality professionals and community services. The faculty has a deep sense of belonging to the institution and is devoted to maximizing the opportunities available to students across the campus and beyond the campus.


Poornima Group celebrates Teacher’s Day every year to pay a tribute to the contribution made by the teachers to the students. Marking respect & admiration the students organizes surprise games & small activities to make them feel special. The bubbly decorations and spontaneous creations enlightens the mood of the event.

Few activities organized last year were:
  • An acquaintance with Teacher’s Day Celebration
  • Awareness about GATE and relevant competitive exams
  • Importance of Soft Skills/Communicative English
  • Scope of Teaching – as a profession, etc.


Uniformity of clothing is believed to lead to uniform behavior & uniform behavior is supposed to lead to conformity of thought”. In a college there are students from different regions of India but are united in a same place, for same purpose. So, dressing in uniform shows ethics & keeps students far away from comparison. As we all are in a professional course during our graduation, our uniform gives a sensation of professional behavior, respect & it also develops identity of a group. The final excuse for having a uniform is that it gives students a sense of pride in their institute & we also know it very well that clothing is a powerful form of non-verbal communication, conveying socio-economic status , occupational role & even the authority & power vested in that role.


It was organized for the 1st time in February 2015 and plans to continue conduct such meeting every year. The purpose of this meet was to inform the parents about the activities being run by the Deptt. and Institution to ensure good quality education and overall improvement of their ward, also parents were informed about the performance of their ward and about the activities being run to ensure ‘Placement’ of their ward.


Poornima Group of Colleges is the only group of colleges in Rajasthan, which can boast of its state-of-the-art computing resources and network across the campus.

Following are a few highlighting features :
  • Completely Wi-Fi Campus with more than 300 access point.
  • 50 Mbps of bandwidth for internet with dedicated leased line.
  • 2000 + workstations supported by 20 plus Quad Core or Xeon based Rack/Blade and desktop Servers.
  • 10 most powerful servers from HP/IBM for 100% redundancy and efficient data management.
  • 10 Km fiber backbone for providing seamless connectivity.
  • High end firewall security featured network.
  • 24hrs Power Back Up -1000 KVA of online uninterrupted power supply(UPS).

    • Biggest fleet of Sixty new Swaraj Mazda buses operating from all corners of Jaipur owned by Shanti Education Society.
    • Well coordinated punctual and regular service available throughout the year.
    • Separate buses for staff and students.
    • Bus facility for Industrial visit.
    • Bus facility to take students to examination centers.
    • Full provision of back up service in place to avoid any breakdown.
    • Free Transport facility to employees.


    • The College Campus offers an excellent choice of food to eat. Each campus houses a Campus Canteen, which offer delicious food, superior services with innovative practices.
    • The eating joints offer excellent multi-cuisine menus ranging from Indian to Continental and Chinese in a comfortable and vibrant ambience.
    • One can find enormous range of recipes from pizza to idli-sambhar or even the spicy parathas and bhel puri as well as varied range of sandwiches, snaks, fresh fruits, cakes etc.
    • Wide variety of fresh juices, cold coffee, milk shakes, and other beverages are also available.
    • Apart from providing places where one can eat and enjoy, the eating joints also help to provide hands-on experience and entrepreneurial opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs at Poornima Group of Colleges by giving them opportunity to manage and run some of these eating joints independently as well as under some guidance.


    • Considering that a variety of events like conferences, seminars, cultural programmes, debates, plays and other programmes are conducted throughout the year, Poornima Group of Colleges houses an auditorium and numerous other performing areas which facilitate the students to carry out their activities in the right environment, smoothly and with ease.
    • The Campus Auditorium, Arbuda Convention Center, is centrally air-cooled with a fully sound proof set up and equipped with latest technology for all types of audio/video presentations.
    • A number of small Presentation halls are also available for seminars, meetings, workshops etc.
    • In addition to a hi- tech auditorium and small presentation halls, Poornima Group has an open air theatre where a vast variety of student activities are arranged.
    • An audience of 3000 can witness a program during evening hours at this open air theatre.
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