If you have been looking out for last month’s preparation strategies to crack JEE mains in 2020, you have come at the right place to get an answer. However, before we share with a full-proof plan, remember that people around you will have a thousand opinions on your plan or preparation; all you need to do is trust your hard work and move on.

So, here is a guide that will highlight all the things you must do & not do to ace in the exam that can be the first step towards your dream.

Practice A Lot:

This is one key tip that every student must follow. Most students remember the formulas by heart, but, practice is where they lack. In this last month, practice as many practical questions as possible. This will help boost your confidence too.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Quality Of Education:

The quality of education in India is at par with any other foreign premium institutes. Personalities like Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Binny Bansal, and Sachin Bansal are some famous CEOs who graduated in engineering from Indian institutes. Their success truly defines the level of education offered at Indian engineering institutes.

Solve Mock Tests:

The last one month is for testing your knowledge and then identifying the week points to work on them. Solving mock tests & last year question papers is the best way to know where a little extra work is needed. Try to solve these papers with complete focus & exactly how you would answer a question paper.

Prepare Flash Cards:

Well, flashcards work wonder in last-minute preparations. You can write all concepts or formulas on these cards and use them at the last minute of the exam when you will surely panic, even if we or anyone asks you not to. And if you are in the same boat or panicking, trust us, writing down things helps to make additional space in your mind for that.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Read, Revise, Repeat:

In the initial weeks of the final month, start with revising all the concepts you know you are weak at, here we are hoping that by this time you know which part of the syllabus you need to work extra on. Leave the last one week to brush on your strong parts; this will help in giving you confidence.

Keep In Touch With Professors:

Anyone can get stuck with queries in the last month of preparation. Keeping in touch with professors can help you save time; the most important element you must use wisely.

Divide The Syllabus:

Well, dividing the syllabus into parts either on the basis of understanding, strength, interest, or priority is advised. In this way, you will be able to identify what you must begin with & not get lost in the middle!

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad

Don’t Leave Any Stone Un-Turned (We Mean Chapter):

You may not know the exact answer to an objective question, but, what you can do is choose the one that you think is the right in the case when you have a strong feeling regarding the right choice. Going through the complete syllabus will help you while making such choices.

Staying away from distractions, making a schedule for studying, eating healthy food, relaxing by exercising, & no panicking are few suggestions that we would like all JEE aspirants to follow. Once you get your desired result in JEE, which we are sure you will; get in touch with the admission cell of Poornima College of Engineering, a college renowned as the best engineering college in Rajasthan. The team will guide you for admission through REAP 2020 and also regarding the direct admission process. Here’s team Poornima wishing you good luck for your exam!
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