With burgeoning modern technology and competition all around, the demand for career counselling has surged in recent times. The maelstrom of Covid-19 has left students in a plight where their academic future is quite unpredictable and they seem to be in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, it has also unfavourably affected the mental health of most of the students. Although the unprecedented times of the pandemic can’t be eschewed, seeking online counselling is imperative. While the lockdown and social distancing measures may have made it quite challenging to go for in-person therapy, online counselling in this scenario turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Students’ mental health during Covid 19

The outbreak of the pandemic has led to various issues for students such as academic disruption, uneven routine, restricted social contact, and more. Amid all the turmoil, online counselling during covid seems to be a smart way to engage with students and guide them towards the right path. Without any shred of doubt, students’ lives have gone upside down during the Covid crisis. The lack of social contact and restrained group activities have resulted in sheer loneliness and trouble sleeping. Some students are worried about what their academic future holds whereas some are distressed while confined in their homes. The psychological consequences of the pandemic are umpteen, however, such challenges can be overcome with proper online counselling sessions.

Online counselling for students: Pros & only pros

An informed career choice may turn the tables for many students. Here are some of the benefits of online counselling during lockdown that can enable students to take advantage of the best career guidance and reach new heights:

Appropriate career counselling

Since there is an array of career options available, students tend to get puzzled about which one to choose for them. It may also happen that they are about to pick the incorrect or unsuitable career option. Right at this point, online counselling for career acts as a boon. While sitting on the other side of the screen, students can talk to a professional counsellor who will clear all their doubts and give them the best career guidance and help to act upon them. During the sessions, students are showered with immense knowledge and career opportunities. Apart from this, the beauty of career counselling is not only restricted to academics, but also for personal development. It has been proven in various researches that the students who have attended career counselling are likely to introspect and know about their strengths and shortcomings.

Career clarity guaranteed

Gone are the days when students would go through the dilemma of the right career trajectory and receive confusing suggestions from relatives and acquaintances. Besides this, multiple career options are available across all the fields and hence, it becomes a herculean task to select the best and suitable one. In order to combat all these issues, online counselling is now widespread as a rescuer. During the session, the students are exposed to a gigantic river of career knowledge and hence, they will surely get the clarity that they are looking for.

Easy access to the internet

During the Covid era, it’s wise to ditch the traditional way of attending in-person counselling. Since the entire world is thriving on the internet, especially after the advent of the pandemic, online career counselling is quite easy to acquire. All students need is a basic internet connection and the very next moment, they are open to a whole new world of online career guidance.

Industry experts

All the career counsellors are the best in their industry and thus they can help you select the right career option that reflects your interests and skills. Having enormous knowledge in varied fields; counsellors can give the best guidance over famous colleges, courses, and careers. All in all, they are the best mentors when it comes to having the knowledge of a career roadmap. Not only do they work upon the weaknesses of the students, but also identify their strengths and eventually direct them towards the right career path. With an integrated approach, we at Poornima College of Engineering, the top B.Tech College in Jaipur, provide the optimum online counselling for students. While strongly paying heed to their issues & concerns, our adroit professionals help each student with personalised solutions that will unquestionably make them pick the best career choice. With fruitful online counselling sessions, students can get all their career-related issues clarified. So, now is the time to connect with the best career counsellors and endeavour for a flourishing future!
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