“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” – R. Buckminster Fuller.” The process of imparting education has gone through a new change if you ponder over the years before now. Technology has managed its place in our lives and the arrival of online classes came as a path-breaker. No longer does one have to have access to school, colleges, time and a pocket full of money..!! All one needs is a good internet connection, Mobile phones or a computer and there you go.. In this era of digitization, a lot of engineering students are gradually but steadily shifting towards online digital learning.

What is Digital Learning and its necessity?

Digital learning is a modern technological medium delivering students with an extraordinary deal of freedom, allowing them to study at any time, at any place, at their own convenient pace without having to worry about schedules and timetables. The idea of online learning makes a pole apart from the contemporary rote education system which is being carried out in the majority of Engineering colleges. Digital Learning has seeped into the system considerably and has a long lasting impact towards providing education to the most of the students who are pursuing B.Tech. Not only to students, online education is also providing teachers new opportunities to teach, learn and grow hence improving the overall learning.

Adaption of new learning technology : Online Learning

In regards with the employability of Indian Engineers, various industry and government agencies have been expressing concern about their company readiness. Because of the much increase in unemployment or underemployment, poor quality of engineering education has been detected as the main reason for this current state. Because of this factor, there is now an urgent requirement to fundamentally transform engineering education.

“Information is not instruction”

With the rise in automation and sophistication, the engineering workplace activities, together with success standard criteria, goals, tools, constraints and human roles are evolving day by day and the nature of these activities is beyond anyone’s imagination. Thereby it is practically impossible to impart all the required technical knowledge to new graduates through their contemporary education program.

Does Digital Learning increase the applicability power of engineering students with respect to what they have learned?

– The influence of new technologies in engineering education context has sounded positive as these have offered educators the chance to enhance their knowledge. It therefore increases the standard of education via a constructivist learning environment with digital learning. – Educational simulation, interactive audio video aids help engineering students understand the concepts allowing better learning. – The masters of the subjects from the top class institutes impart knowledge which is something students have always desired.

How is collaborative and online learning changing education?

– With synergic online learning, students get the on-campus ordeal and the best of both worlds. – Free online learning courses open up avenues both for teachers and students. When people see the results, they are not even hesitant and are more confident to pay more. – This gives students a chance to plan their future course of action and keep a track on their careers be it technical education or project based learning. -Live and interactive online learning permits the engineering students to receive quality, effective education be it anytime and anyplace.

The Bright Future of Students : Online Learning

With almost everyone on mobile phones, there has been a considerable hike in digital learning. The use of best-in-class content, live and interactive learning and feedback criteria, and personalized information and instructions has uplifted online learning. – These online learning courses are pocket friendly and easily accessible. – Online learning aims to break the various barriers that are stopping students from getting quality education in the physically bound classes. – Such changes are giving students an opportunity to grow in their career.

Online learning : A step to Reform Education

Online learning is the new way of imparting education to college students and will continue to rise and cause a paradigm shift. In the near future, it can be stated that online education is leading to the bright future of the world and is here to stay.

Poornima Group of Colleges : Learn at Ease

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