A country is run by its efficient manpower, as much as it is run by the strength of its infrastructure. No wonder civil students are always in high demand in the country, given the booming construction industry. As part of the civil engineering force of a country, which stands as one of the biggest economies in the world, there is plenty of room for a civil undergraduate to shine. That is why industrial training forms a large part in transforming a student into a professional civil engineer. The introduction and advent of technology have opened up a lot of avenues for future civil engineering graduates.

However, the question arises, when there are hundreds of aspiring civil engineering students, what will you set you apart? To give you an edge over your competitors, we have compiled a list of avenues that you can undertake during the training period for a bright future ahead:

  • Learning New Machinery and Technology: Civil engineering uses a number of complex calculations to predict the behavior of a material, shape, or structure under different circumstances. To make provisions for mistakes and avoid errors, one can learn various software’s that exclusively cater to such issues. Investing time in such software’s as part of the industrial training can be extremely fruitful.
  • Project Management: There are several verticals in every workplace, and the most important person on the ground and with the team is the manager. In civil engineering, the project manager is the one assigned with the duties of scheduling, planning, monitoring, controlling the process of construction. You can do apprentice work under a project manager or intern with a company for the position during your industrial training.
  • Construction Firms: There is no better learning than seeing it happen right in front of your eyes. It is always beneficial for the students to intern at an active construction firm. Students can have hand-on experience of the machinery and techniques used in the industry in this modern world.
  • Geographic Information System: Ever wondered how google maps show your location pretty much accurate, sometimes even what floor you are at? It is made possible with technologies like GIS (geographic information system). It analyzes data based on spatial parameters and visualizes it in terms of a 3D Map. Technology is on the boom; it is time to take control over it to give your career a huge boost.
  • E-Learning: Almost everything that you can imagine, every piece of knowledge and research are available on the internet. In addition to that, there several online portals that provide certifications for varying specialized courses. Aspiring students can take up specialized courses for enhanced skill development and stars to their CV.
image Industrial training is meant to prepare you for the world after your graduation. Since civil engineering is going to see a substantial upward trend in the coming years, there is going to be an increase in the proclivity of students towards this subject area. And that is why students must apply in top engineering college in Jaipur, Poornima College of Engineering for a brighter career and greater access to such avenues. You can find information on the courses and curriculum, alongside what makes the college one of the best in the field, on the homepage of our website.
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