Where once our world use to rejoice in nature’s abundance, we have restricted it with limitations. The world, we live in today is growing scarcer in resources, wrapped in hazardous emissions and gases, and breathing in harmful microplastics.

The issue of sustainability has been due for long. Acknowledging this, people are becoming conscious of their actions and considerate towards the community. Schools and universities are taking initiatives to promote it, and the government is taking steps to implement it. Businesses today, are increasingly integrating sustainability principles in their business practices to improve their products, processes and to retain their hold in the long run. Tapping into this ever-increasing potential, student bodies and organizations are finding ways to encourage students towards sustainable innovation.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEEE is an association that has dedicated itself to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity. It is the world’s largest technical professional society whose members comprise of engineers, computer software’s, developers, doctors, information technology professionals, etc.

‘Sustainability is a part of our rise philosophy. You cannot rise if you take more from the community than you put back.’

Acknowledging this, the organization emphasizes on innovation to introduce a world that is sustainable and eco-friendly for our future generation.

‘YESIST 12-Innovation Challenge Track

To introduce the importance of this philosophy to youth who are the real protagonists of development and change, IEEE organizes a talent show for young professionals. It is an opportunity for students where they can showcase their innovative ideas to solve pressing issues concerning the community today.

IEEE YESIST 2 (Youth Endeavours for Social Innovations Using Sustainable Technology)

envisions a community that thrives on entrepreneurship, innovation and transformation. To integrate engineering education with this philosophy, they have introduced a theme that aligns with social innovation for sustainable technology.

It is a matter of pride that Poornima College of Engineering is selected as one out of 49 Pilots across 16 countries to host the prelims of the International Project Innovation Challenge for students and young professionals, ‘YESIST 12-Innovation Challenge Track’.

1. It an honor and privilege to be recognized by such an elite and reputable organization active pan India. IEEE organization encompasses more than 374000 members active in 40 technical societies. It is an excellent opportunity for students, where they can be a part of a distinguished society which it as the forefront of innovation.

2. The students can also network with technical experts, and work under engineering leaders to build their professional career.

3. A recognition of this sort gives a sense of higher purpose in life, where one can contribute their bit to build a better, safer, and greener world for their future generations.

As the b>best engineering college in Rajasthan, we urge maximum students to participate in this talent show and showcase their talent. The talent show is open to all IEEE and non-IEEE members, and all engineering branches. We must all contribute to address social issues, and we must also nurture change and transformation. It’s time to bring your ideas to light, it’s time to shine!

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