Amidst tens of thousands of engineering students manufactured by thousands of engineering institutes, only a few make it to the top. Only a few of these engineering students are able to perform exceptionally throughout their tenure of engineering. The path of graduation has become uncertain. Some students leave engineering in the midway, while others take six years to complete the studies.

If every student is spending the same amount of money in different engineering institutes and is studying similar curriculum, then what makes students of a specific college secure a spot in merit list and students of other colleges secure a bare minimum or average percentage? Hard work is indeed a required quality, but does it suffice? The answer is a big NO! To get into the merit list, the college plays an equal and important role, particularly by altering the nature of the educational climate. Here are the initiatives of Poornima College in the line of taking students success seriously.

A Safe & Respectful Learning Environment:

Students need to feel safe in order to learn, grow, and excel. When students feel comfortable and secure in their learning environment, they confidently express their ideas, ask questions, and attend the classes regularly.

Poornima College provides the right environment for students to thrive. It ensures that a positive environment is created so that students enjoy the learning process and feel content within it.

Concern for Success:

The faculty of Poornima is mindful and responsive towards student’s needs and requirements. They express genuine interest in their success and encourage participation. The curriculum is also curated in a way that it weaves a connection between the course, the students, and their thinking ability so that the learning is quick and easy and in line with their professional goals.

Emphasizing on discussion and debate, we facilitate learning through technology, group work, and assignment. We also encourage students to be more invested in learning beyond their existing capabilities.

Image Well-Equipped Laboratories:

Labs are a part of academics, and all the facilities are provided with the latest technology to felicitate practical learning. Poornima also promotes research and development activities to make learning an interactive, engaging, and inspiring process. We also emphasize on research to encourage critical thinking.

An Extensive & Accessible Library:

“Library is a medium for the current exchange of ideas, not just for finished collected wisdom to be set down imperishably for posterity. It is a way of talking to one another.” The library is regarded as the heart of an academic institution, and Poornima College acknowledges this to the fullest. We offer an extensive and accessible library, which has a collection of over 15000 journals, books, research papers, magazines, etc.

Along with this, students are provided with a national digital library, which is sponsored by the ministry of human resource development. We understand the importance of digitizing these services and providing a one-stop channel for accessing study material and other resources.

These are the few ingredients that are paramount and valuable to the success of students. Having a right blend of these aspects is necessary to churn out students who shine in the merit list.

Since our establishment, we have expanded our capacities and capabilities massively. The result of these efforts can be seen in the merit lists of every year. Ten students of 2014-2018 batch have set an exemplary record this year and earned merit. With Poornima, a leading engineering college in Jaipur, students cultivate the practical and theoretical skills required to become extraordinary. Get your seats booked at the earliest for a bright career ahead.
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