JEE or Joint Entrance Examination is plinth amongst all engineering entrance exams conducted in India. Clearing the exam and getting a good rank is the ultimate objective of all aspirants but somewhere a lot of them lack proper guidance. To overcome this hindrance, we have come with some easy ways.

While most aspirants are clear about the engineering discipline they want to pursue, they struggle with one major question, that is, if an engineering degree should be pursued from India or Abroad. While students are recommended to make a decision after completely evaluating the pros and cons, most students do not have much time to spend on researching the prospects.

Well, we are not telling you to join any coaching classes because not everyone can get access to those costly classes. You can get access to quality material free of cost or in just a few bucks!


To obtain some pro tips, here are some blogs that can be a cicerone to your journey of success:

Shitikanth’s Blog:

Written by Shitikanth Kashyap, All India Rank-1, JEE 2008. Blogs are not only sharing important tips and ‘To Do’ ideas while preparing for the competition but also share some useful, trendy updates related to technology and study materials. He also shares the experiences that he gained in the past years to help the current and potential aspirants. He helps not only with his inspiring and tips-full messages but also with recommended books, mock questions, and other competition-related information.

Aman’s Blog:

Aman Goel, All India Rank- 33, JEE Advance 2013, owns the blog. He is not only providing complete guidance for aspirants but also has prepared a user-friendly and brief layout to help-out seekers. He has collaborated with learning platforms and uploads regular videos of respective subjects and guidance on YouTube. With different segments of subjects, i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Book Section, Revision Corner, and other courses, Aman Goel is trying the best approach to help students in their preparation.


Maintained by Shubham Bhartiya, IIT- Bombay Alumni, who guides JEE aspirants on various ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ to help them out on their entrance competition exam. He is a current student at IIT Bombay and shares his experience with potential aspirants.

Navin Kabra’s Blog:

The IIT JEE, All India Rank- 14, 1988, gives the best advice to students who are not only looking for JEE but to any career guidance. For example, his blog on “If your child is unsure what to do after 12th…” He shares his personal experiences of his journey to becoming a successful IITian. Category wise divided blogs of Navin are an easy way to have a glance at the important information.

myPat’s Blog:

The blog has a completely different approach to spread information regarding exams such as JEE Main & Advance, BITSAT, and NTSE. The focus of the blog is on newer trends that can help aspirants to crack their exams. The blog breaks some very popular myths such as IITJEE is too hard to crack, only coaching is the way to crack the exam, IITJEE has very lengthy and complex questions, studying during the last few months is enough, and other such misconceptions.

Engineering in 2020: The Dilemma of Pursuing in India vs Abroad


The blog is maintained and managed by Aditya Singhal. askIITians is an online education portal that not only provides an informative blog but educational help to aspirants. Apart from that, it also mentions various important books of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Also, one can find different problem-solving assessments, practice papers, and quick tips to excel at the JEE Mains.

To crack any entrance exam, proper guidance is crucial and essential. Follow any such personality that can help you to achieve the pinnacle in your career. Help yourself out with the direction and content of the above-mentioned blogs.

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