Engineering is a professional degree that imparts scientific and practical knowledge in students. According to the HRD ministry, India has 6,214 engineering and technology institutes which are enrolling 2.9 million students. In this huge population of engineering students in India, more than 80% is unemployable, according to National Employability Report Engineers, 2019 (Aspiring Minds).

To fill this gap of unemployed youth, there is an ardent need for students to learn the skills required by the industry. To bridge this skill gap, colleges are providing on-campus, online certification programmes to students. Such certifications have much importance for engineering students, some of them are:

  • 1. Building-Up Skills: One major reason why engineering students remain unemployed is the lack of relevant skills. Certification courses help students to develop the right set of skills according to their specialization and industry requirement. With the ease of time flexibility and advantage of course from leading multi-national companies or Colleges, online certification provides another major advantage to engineering students.


  • 2-Enhancing Knowledge: While the regular engineering curriculum provided by Colleges equips students with technical knowledge of the specific domain, certifications can enable students to broaden their perspective. In today’s competitive world, knowledge and skills are the two main aspects of value addition to the CV of engineering students.
  • 3-Increasing Employability: Work culture in the 21st century has evolved drastically. Engineering students no longer work in a single domain in which they received their education. A mechanical engineer might require data analytics to design a machine, and a software engineer might require excellent communication skills to lead a team. While College curriculum is restricted to one specialization, certification courses can help engineers to study and learn beyond their curriculum. This helps in increasing the employability of students to a great extent.
  • 4-Validation For Knowledge: In today’s job market, a CV is the first impression for a student before the recruiters. While students may have many skills and a lot of knowledge, a certificate validating the skills along with the CV can act as proof for the understanding of the individual. A certificate can also act as a measure of the understanding level of a particular skill of a student.

Certifications can boost the career of engineering students and validate their expertise. While Colleges and students are taking the initiative to provide and gain in-demand skills, the government of India is also emphasizing on skill-based education.

With a record of 4000+ placements in 3 years, Poornima College of Engineering is setting a higher benchmark for coming years. This high record was achieved due to the focus on learning and skill-development by our faculties. With this, the college yet again proves why it is the best engineering college in Jaipur. While the college faculty ensure students learn all the skills in the classroom, the college also provides students with many certification programmes in relevant skills through its collaboration with leading academics. Visit our website to get details of our exclusive curriculum that sets us apart from others.

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